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Volver Friends of Azeroth - A social network of World of Warcraft

F.A.Q. (Frequent Asked Questions)

What is Friends of Azeroth?

FoA is a social site created by WoW players for other WoW players and specifically tailored for their alter egos from the mystical world that is Azeroth.

Who is behind Friends of Azeroth?

The site is currently being developed by 3 friends who wanted to extend their gaming experience outside of the game.

Is Friends of Azeroth provided by or in association with Blizzard?

No, although it is only thanks to Blizzard and their constant hard work on the community API that this is possible. Without them providing the means none of this would be possible so thank you guys! More information on the community API can be found here:


©2004 Blizzard Entertainment, Inc. All rights reserved. World of Warcraft, Warcraft and Blizzard Entertainment are trademarks or registered trademarks of Blizzard Entertainment, Inc. in the U.S. and/or other countries.

Why create a new social network?

When the idea for the project first came up we thought of creating an application for existing social networks or a mobile application. However, once we began bouncing our ideas back and forth we realised that to reach our goals and do justice to this great community we needed to program a site from the ground up.

What is our goal?

Put simply, we want to offer a medium to create, maintain and grow the relationship players have with other players.

Having played WoW since the game launched in 2004 it saddened us to have lost contact with players and guilds with which so many magical and unique memories were formed. When leaving a guild or more drastically, a server or faction change you always promise yourself and others you will keep in touch. And for a short time you do, dropping by forums, servers or your old Ventrilo or TS2. But after a while, new alliances are formed and your old friendships regrettably slowly wither away only to be reminisced upon at a later date. The realisation that this bond has been broken is a sad time for many as they look back on the good times and the bad that are forever lost. As characters move on changing realms, factions and even names or even leaving the game completely, it is virtually impossible to stay connected. This is where FoA shines the most, once you register you can maintain the friendships that make this game so special even if you stop playing. This was a key point for us as it is a sad day for most when you realise that leaving the game is also severing your ties with your in game friends.

How do I register my WoW character?

The registration process is simple, enter the required information along with your character's region, realm and name and the site will do the rest for you. All your character's information including items and your profile picture will be displayed on your new profile.

Do I need to register with my Battle.net e-mail address and password?

No, we strongly recommend not to use the same e-mail or password you use for your Battle.net account when registering for any website.

Can I register if I do not have an active WoW account?

Yes, you can register even if your account is not active but your characters information will not be shown if you have not been active for an extended period of time. To display your character in its full glory you will have to renew your WoW subscription.

Can I register even if I have never played WoW?

Yes, you can register even if you have never played by choosing the “I do not have a WoW account” option during the registration process. We added this feature so friends, partners or people interested in WoW can also profit from FoA’s social features. We hope that being part of our site will eventually add new players to this great game.

When I register my character shows as an Alliance Human and my character is “xxxxx”!

This can happen as the information for your character is taken from the Blizzard servers via their in house API. In order to prevent spamming the service Blizzard generously provides your character information retrieval is placed in a queue and will be updated in due time. Once this is done all your information will be displayed correctly.

Will my registered information (name, date of birth etc) be shown anywhere on the website?

No, only your character’s name will be shown. None of your registered information will be shown or shared ever. The only way your personal information will be known is if you decide to post this on your wall under your own responsibility.

How do I post on a friend's wall?

This function will not be available during Beta but we will add it soon.

How can I take verify my character?

You can verify your character by clicking on the Profile/Log out button (red cog) above your profile picture. You can then verify your character by removing the items the site marks with an asterisk.

Why should I verify my character?

The main reason for verifying your character is so others know that you actually own that account. To ensure users do this we will provide certain "perks" to verified characters like advanced character information displayed in your profile. This will eventually include achievements, PVP status, raid progression, pets, mounts and more.

How can I see if a character is verified?

When you first register your faction's emblem will be displayed in brown. Once a character is verified this will changed to the relevant factions colour; red for Horde and blue for Alliance.

What happens if I change faction/realm/name?

If you change any of the above the website will detect that your "old" character no longer exists and will prompt you for your "new" character's region, server and name. Once the information for your new character is obtained from the API you will need to verify your character again.

How to I post an in game item on my wall?

All you need to do is grab the URL for your item from www.wowhead.com and post it as a comment. Our site will recognise it is an item and thanks to Wowhead, the tooltip will be displayed. Here is an example you can paste into your wall:


I am using “xxxxx” browser and the website is not displayed correctly.

Friends of Azeroth is optimised for all modern browsers, if you are using an older browser (IE 6 for example) please update to the latest version.